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Women of Color and Mammograms

Breast cancer touches the lives of women of all ages, races, and socioeconomic classes. For women of color, however, its impact is even more serious—and early detection matters immensely. Although breast cancer is a devastating illness that can dramatically impact the lives of the women who are affected, did you know that early detection actually leads to nearly a 100% five-year survival rate? With early detection, what could become a derailment of your health can be addressed and resolved effectively. Having a plan to receive routine screenings empowers women to make the best decisions for their health.

Black women are one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to breast cancer. In fact, Black women have experienced a rise in breast cancer rates despite the overall drop across the full spectrum of the population in the last 20 years. Black women also tend to get breast cancer younger—and they are more likely to die from breast cancer. With a 42% higher death rate for breast cancer compared to white women, it is clear that this serious disease disproportionately affects Black women.[1] Additionally, those who are 40 years and younger are more likely to receive a breast cancer diagnosis than white women.[2] Of these positive diagnoses, Black women are also more likely to be diagnosed with a more aggressive type of cancer with fewer options for treatment — a condition known as triple negative breast cancer.

Hispanic women are also more at-risk for breast cancer, though the picture is a little different compared to Black women. Breast cancer rates are lower for Hispanic women than non-Hispanic white women, but breast cancer death rates for Hispanic women are higher.[3][4] They are more likely to be diagnosed with forms of breast cancer that are more difficult to treat, including larger cancerous masses.

One of the most important actions women of all ethnicities can take for the prevention and effective treatment of breast cancer is to get screened regularly. Although it may be scary to think about cancer, early detection can save your life. For Black women (who are significantly more likely to get breast cancer earlier in life), getting screened at a younger age can “catch” the cancer before it become more aggressive. While screening rates for Black women have now achieved uniformity with white women, Hispanic women are still less likely to have their breast cancer diagnosed and to have their breast cancer detected at the local stage compared to white women.[5]

Getting routine mammograms can make an important difference in your course of treatment. By getting routine mammograms, breast density and its associated risks can be determined; therefore, you will have a greater understanding of your risk for breast cancer.  It is important to note that as the density of the breast increases, so does the risk of breast cancer. At Brookwood Diagnostic Center, our Genius® 3D MammographyTM exam is the only mammogram proven superior for dense breasts compared to 2D alone. Our mammogram produces a clearer, more accurate image than 2D mammograms, and it is clinically proven to reduce the chance of callbacks.

If you are ready to receive your screening, please schedule your appointment Monday – Friday from 7AM - 5PM at Brookwood Diagnostic Center. Same day appointments available, and your health cannot wait.

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High Quality Imaging at an Affordable Price: The Brookwood Diagnostic Difference 

Navigating the world of medical imaging can be challenging. There are so many places to go, after all, and it may feel overwhelming trying to decide which imaging center will suit your specific needs best. When selecting a diagnostic testing provider, you’ll want to consider both quality and price. Fortunately, patients have an alternative option to pricy providers in the form of Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs) such as the Brookwood Diagnostic Center.

Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities such as Brookwood Diagnostic Center can be a smart solution for anyone looking to stay within a particular budget without sacrificing high-quality imaging. After all, diagnostic imaging is designed to help get to the bottom of your health concerns, so it’s critical to choose a facility that’s both accessible and excellent.

What are IDTFs?

Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities offer competitive rates and are accredited by both Medicare and Medicaid. IDTFs differ from Hospital Outpatient Departments (HOPDs) in that they operate independently of a physician office or hospital. Their primary purpose is to provide diagnostic services that can help your physician determine the next course of treatment or action.

Because IDTFs have such a low operating overhead, they are able to pass on those savings to their patients. IDTFs can help patients save up to 30-50% of the cost of testing. Facilities like Brookwood Diagnostic Center also have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, meaning accurate scans and testing that can ensure your treatment is not delayed.

Another benefit for patients who opt to do their testing at an IDTF is being able to avoid long wait times in busy waiting rooms. You can have the necessary tests performed at a stand-alone location while social distancing and minimizing your exposure to Covid-19.

IDTFs offer a tremendous benefit for any family who may be concerned about the overall cost of their medical care. Being able to have an option to shop around to find the best rate for their medical imaging needs is a welcome relief, especially in these challenging economic times.

Its always important to remember that you have a choice as a patient when it comes to your medical care—and diagnostic testing is no different. IDTFs like Brookwood Diagnostic Center offer an alternative to other outpatient centers and significant savings for the patient. 

Same-day appointments are available at Brookwood Diagnostic Center. Schedule your medical imaging today and take advantage of all the conveniences and affordability that this incredible local option has for you. 

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